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  • Leiden University Library is being renovated!

    Welcome to the offical renovation blog of Leiden University Library.

    In 2012 a major renovation will start at Leiden University Library to renovate the reading rooms. On this weblog you will find all the latest information about important changes in our service, facilities and collections. We will also be handing you information on the renovation plans, helpful tips to limit the noise and some distraction with the Hunt Book game. Take a look at the Nostalgalerie: the places in the old study rooms that you might begin to miss..

    On this weblog you will be able to find information on the renovation, a list of the current locations of books including a map and information on the LCC system (new Call Numbers). We have also added an FAQ page and of course blogs that will inform you on updates, announcements, the renumbering of books and the movement of books.

Toilets Entrance Hall closed – 24 Oktober 2013

The Entrance Hall toilets on the ground- and second floor will be renovated and are therefore not accessible. The first floor toilets will remain available. Additionally, renovation of the North Hall toilets is finished and thus the toilets on the second floor are accessible as of today. Advertisements

Special Collections Available – 17 Oktober 2013

Although the renovation of the rooms is not at all finished, the books can be accessed at their final location on the second floor. The Special Collections images (II-3) and text (II-4) can be found near entrance 3 and 4 respectively. Due to the work in progress the area’s are not yet in use, but … Continue reading

Moving Special Collections – 14 Oktober 2013

Starting monday oktober 14th, items belonging to the Special Collections will be moved to their final location. First the image collection, items labeled II-3, will be positioned on the second floor near entrance 3. The following days the text collection will be moved to the second floor, entrance 4.  During the move the books will be … Continue reading

Elevator maintenance Entrance Hall – 23rd september 2013

The elevator in the Entrance Hall will be temporarily out of order because it will be repainted. We will let you know when it will be in use again. The Entrance Hall elevator is again available.

Elevator North Hall out of order – 6th September 2013

The elevator in the North Hall is temporarily out of order. We will let you know when it’s available again.  

Disturbances North Hall and ground floor – 4 September 2013

Due to the renovation there will be disturbances near Study Area 4 and 5 and the toilets near Study Area 6 that are located in the North Hall. Additionally, there will be some work on the ceilings in the Study Area on the ground floor. This might cause some disturbance as well. Our apologies for … Continue reading

Renovation disturbances North Hall – 21 August 2013

Due to replacement of the ceiling lights the main path of the North Hall is blocked by equipment. It is still possible to reach the stairs and elevator through alternative routes. The Eastern Collection and the Special Collections Text A – CD are temporarily inaccessible. We expect the replacement is finished by tomorrow, Thursday 22nd … Continue reading

Climate control improvements Papyrological Institute – 16 August 2013

Update: The work is finished and the collection is fully available. Due to improvements to the climate control in Study Area 6, the collection of the Papyrological institute will be partially unavailable. Additionally, the Study Area collection with LCC classification PA6557 and higher will be affected as well and is not fully accessible. The improvements are expected … Continue reading

Entrance Study Area 1 inaccessible; Collection unavailable – 14 August 2013

Update: The entrance and collection is again accessible. Due to maintenance at the gentlemen’s toilets on the first floor of the Entrance Hall, the entrance of Study Area 1 is temporarily closed. The ladies toilets are available, but we kindly refer the men to other available toilets. Study Area 1 can still be reached through Study Area … Continue reading

Relocation and renumbering of Special Collections books – 7th august 2013

A large part of the books of Special Collections, in Open Stacks, have been relocated and are being renumbered to the LCC system right now. Some of these books might therefore be unavailable. The renumbered books now have an LCC code, which is listed under ‘Call Number’ in the Catalogue. For more information regarding the … Continue reading